Why do you turn a light on?  To drive out darkness so that you can see.  If someone switched on a light bulb and then covered it completely with something so that no light was visible, why would they turn on the light in the first place?  Perhaps to make them feel better that the light is actually on?

What causes one to try to hide or cover light?  Fear mainly.  Fear of what others may think.  Fear of someone who hates light trying to destroy the light.  And why this seems perhaps silly, in the face of genuine persecution those fears may be realized.

But what good is light if it is hidden?  Darkness is present only because light isn’t.

You are the light of the world.  Yes you.  Let your let shine that others may see your good deeds and give your Father praise in heaven.

This isn’t the light that stands on the street corners and boasts that it gave thousands to charity.   This is the kind of light that isn’t afraid to do the right thing even if you might get sued, even by the person you’re trying to help.

If light hides, darkness is inevitable.