Someone in my family:  “I lost 3 pounds…but it’s probably just water weight.”  A few hours later, “I exercised 40 minutes but it wasn’t very good as I was trying to do 45.”

Me:  “Mother!  If I lost 3 pounds would you bash me and tell me it’s just “water weight?”  Or if I exercised 40 minutes would you tell me that I was a failure because I didn’t do 45?”

Person in my family:  “No!  Absolutely not.  I would never say that to you!”

Me:  “Well then?!”

Oftentimes we treat others nicer than we treat ourselves.

I say to myself, “I feel so frustrated that people don’t listen.”  Or I look in the mirror and say “I need to lose a few pounds but it’s so hard.  I try and it comes right back.”  Then I go to work and think “Why do others have the life they wanted yet as hard as I try and go for it, I have very little of what I have dreamed about.”

Yet would I tell someone else I loved the same thing the same way?

“People don’t listen to you so it’s probably not worth trying very hard.”
“You put a lot of effort in for not much result so maybe it’s best not to work so hard.”
“You really need to lose a few pounds but it’s hard and it will probably just come right back.”  “Everyone else will get their dreams fulfilled but you’ll probably be left out and a leftover.”

Would I say this to others?  As a Christian, I wouldn’t ever say those things to someone!  (At least I hope I wouldn’t.)   But it’s what we tell ourselves.

What happens though is that thoughts become seeds.    

If I plant an avocado seed, why do I get so frustrated when it doesn’t produce peaches?  I just want peaches!   I plant the thing again and again it doesn’t produce any peaches!  The blasted thing keeps making avocados!  Every.  Single.  Time.
That is until I put the seed in the ground corresponding to the fruit I want.   So yesterday I went walking.  I said out loud to myself, “I don’t eat junk, I eat LIFE.”  “I am self-controlled because that’s what God gives his children.”  “I’m a skinny person and I exercise and eat well, where I’m at now is a facade for who I really am.”  “God has a hope and a future and good plans for me.”
This isn’t a ‘name it, claim it’ practice.  This is believing the truth of His Word and speaking it over my life.
So last night I was hungry and I knew there was this in the house:  A Snicker’s Bar.

It usually takes about 2 seconds worth of justification before a large number of those are in my mouth and tummy.  And surprisingly, with no effort or will power on my own, the part of my mind that had been told “I don’t eat junk, I eat life!”  began to war with the part that says “Yum!  Dig in!”  And well, without hardly even trying, I finally got to eat some of those peaches.