In 2012:

  • I told the Lord I did NOT want to return to ministry with debt (a.k.a student loans) that had been recently acquired for PTA school.  I didn’t have the ability to pay it off and I needed his help.  Three days before I left and with many miracles, my debt was zero.
  • I asked the Lord for a car while I was here.  He provided.
  • I really wanted to live with a Brazilian to continue with Portuguese.  I didn’t ask just thought it.  One of my roommates was from Brazil.
  • I told the Lord I did not want to reduce my giving to others now that I was again on “support from heaven” and not from a job.  Every month He has provided to give to others.
  • I told the Lord I wanted a Brita filter, found one free.  Told the Lord I wanted a special kind of double-walled cup that didn’t condense everywhere–found one in the apartment cupboard.  Told the Lord I wanted a clip light for the bed so I could read at night.   Next night my roommate mentions she has one, would I like it.
  • I was convicted about some debts I needed to repay.  The Lord provided a means.
  • I have been trying for weeks to find a place off-campus and praying but nothing has happened.  I  did NOT EVER AGAIN want to move one more stinking time on campus.  Had a meltdown yesterday.  Told the Lord that “YOU are my Father and it is YOUR responsibility to take good care of me and I NEED A PLACE TO STAY OFF-CAMPUS and it’s YOUR problem.”  I felt the Lord kind of laugh (in a good, slightly annoying way).  In 24 hours someone texted me and said, “Do you want a place?”  Tomorrow I move.