Tonight I was out again collecting beer cans for Bibles and I hit a good area.  Filled up a Wal-mart sack which isn’t a whole lot but when you’re used to finding 5-6, finding 30 or so is a good day.  But it was also kind of interesting.  Obviously where I was at was a rough part of town.  The ditches were filled with trash.  Strangely enough though there were more fast food sacks and containers than anything.  It was a voluminous amote!   It filled the ditches and bushes even in remote places.  It’s almost if some closet bingers were finding some clandestine place to do the deed.  And when I think of it, what is more deadly?  The beer folks are drinking, or the fast food?  Let me give you a clue:  many people have experimented with McDonald’s hamburgers to see how long it takes before they go bad.  After 12 years, the verdict is still out (click to read more).   Without question the quality of our food and our penchant for eating it causes more death in our country and around the world than almost anything else.  We’re digging our graves with our teeth.