Recently I read the book called “7:  An experimental mutiny against excess” written by Jen Hatmaker.  A good idea of a book.  For 7 months she tackles an excess and works with 7 things.  For example, dealing with excess food, she chooses 7 foods and eats them only for a month.  For excess stuff, she had to give away 7 things a day.  For excess clothes, she wore only 7 articles of clothing for a month.  Interesting idea that left her changed.  And it made me begin to think:  What if I were to take 7 forms of obedience to God and obey them every day for a month?  For example, what if I shared the gospel with at least one person every day for 30 days?  What if I prayed for a sick person to be healed every day for 30 days?  It would make an interesting experiment, although the very word “experiment” sounds bad.  But what if I took this challenge on, what would happen?  I’m thinking about this.  Wondering if I could draft a friend to take this on with me…  And also, thinking through 7 areas of obedience.  Hmm….