If you read my last post you probably read that I’m in a season where God is beginning to stir my soul for the poor.  I dearly hope it is not just a “season” or a “fad” in my spirit as I have so many of those.  Too many.  But I’ve begun to read books and study about those who have worked with the poor.  Right now I’m reading “The Hole in Our Gospel” by Richard Stearns, CEO of World Vision.  I’ve googled and come up with a dozen others that I’d like to read.  My list is long and my days that will be available to access these books with inter-library loan are short (more on that later).  But then I was convicted.  Why am I so eager to study the books from those who work with the poor first and foremost over what the Lord says about working with the poor?  Did I learn so little from my 40 day experiment of no books but the Bible?  (See the Be the Pleasure blog).   I am so quick to run to books and stories and such.  Not a bad thing but not exactly where I want to run to first.  So I’ve decided to begin a study in looking through the Scriptures at every place the Bible mentions the poor.  We all know that God is more than a little protective of the poor, but what are ways he established for ministering to them?  Our current cultural methods of dumping money into their hands have not been effective.  Perhaps God has a better way?  So join with me in this process.  And if you have any insight on particular Scriptures I’m studying, please join me by adding your comments.