As I’m reading through Leviticus and Numbers and soon Deuteronomy, I’m seeing what the Lord wants in a people of God that are set apart unto Him.  And it’s not just worship and singing one more line of a treasured hymn.

To be the community of God was also about

  • Good hygiene
  • Eating responsibly
  • Social justice
  • Care for Animals
  • Sexual responsibility
  • Financial fairness and not taking advantage of one another
  • Generosity and care for the poor
  • Kindness to the foreigner

And more.  God cared about the whole person.  Being godly was not just about being in the temple all day worshiping.  It was also about how you washed yourself, your clothes and your house, it was about not charging interest to your fellow brethren, it was also about eating responsibly.

Since that’s the case, we too, the people of God, should also look different in all those areas.