Revival only comes with the preaching of the gospel to the lost.  I see this as others are proclaiming revival is happening, but they also see it because they are preaching the gospel on the beaches, in the marketplace, etc…

Because of this I see my need to act more boldly.  I thought of someone I could reach out to but was feeling stressed about it.  Then I thought of the Scripture in Philippians 2,

“For everyone looks out for his own interests, not those of Jesus Christ” (Php 2:21).

Then I asked myself what are the interests of Jesus Christ?  And it is to see people saved because of his death on the cross, so that God can have friends.

I know that’s a simplistic statement and can be highly critiqued.  It’s mean to just paint a picture–God longs for his people, his family, his friends.

And so what was I thinking of when I was nervous about reaching out to someone with the gospel?  I was thinking of my interests–to be liked, to not be thought of as crazy, etc…

But when I thought I’m looking out for the interests of Jesus, the fear dissolved.  And so I reached out to her.

We will see.  Maybe something will happen.  Maybe nothing.  But I want to continue to look out not for my interests, but that of Jesus’.