Saul had feared men greater than the Lord and so had disobeyed the Lord.

David fear God greater than man, even the rejection of his own brothers.

When he was in dire need as the Philistines came upon him, Saul called upon the Lord and heard nothing.  He had rejected the Lord and the Lord had rejected him.  So Saul called upon a medium and spiritist.

When David was in dire need as the Amalekites had raided and taken his family away from him, his men were ready to stone him but he called upon the Lord.  He had followed the Lord wholeheartedly and so when he called upon the Lord, the Lord answered Him.

When Saul inquired of the medium he found out he and his sons would be killed in battle against the Philistines.

When David called upon the Lord he found out that the Lord would be with him and and all that was taken from the Amalekites would be returned.

Two leaders, two different outcomes.

One had set his heart towards the Lord and every small and little decision from protecting sheep was carried into the bigger world of protecting people.

One had set his heart on pleasing man and every small and little decision was about being careful to not offend and displease others and and when his responsibilities grew it meant only partial obedience to God.

Two paths.  Two different stories.

Which story are we?