Can you imagine getting raped by your hero?  I hope you can’t.  Unfortunately I know there are those out there who can.  And then to have your husband murdered by the man who raped you who up until that event had been your hero?  Then to have a son by that man only for him to be struck down by God?  She lost her king, her husband, her son, her home and her dignity.  All at the hands of man we call David.  We often think of David and read how Nathan confronted him and he repented.  The Lord brought judgment that would follow him all the days on earth but his life would be spared.  But what about Bathsheba?  Talk about your heart, your life and your breath being ripped out.

Bathsheba suffered greatly from David’s sin.  And the Lord couldn’t remove what David had done, but he did bring redemption to her.  She would live in the king’s palace and she would conceive again.  She would give birth to a son.  It wouldn’t be David’s first, second or even third son but this would be the son that would rule Israel, something not a cultural norm.  And this son would be called “Beloved of God” as God expressed a special love for this son.  This son would be the wealthiest and wisest that the world would ever know.

Redemption.  It doesn’t come quickly.  It doesn’t come like we want.  It doesn’t erase what has been done.  But God can redeem all things.   If we let him.