It doesn’t matter what form of government a nation has, transitions of power can be dicey.  And this increases even moreso as times become more intense.  There seems to always be two sides at war.

In David’s case he was old and about to pass away.  He had many years previously swore on oath that Bathsheba’s son Solomon would be king after him.  But Adonijah, another of David’s sons, declared himself that he was king.  And in fact, he was the elder brother and in normal circumstances would have been king (1 Kings 2:22).

David I don’t think took him seriously as he never rebuked him (1 Kings 1:5-6), but Nathan understood what was happening.  So he told Bathsheba to tell David and then Nathan would confirm it.  They did and because of it, David took action and crowned Solomon king.

Of course the people following Adonijah melted away and Adonijah himself feared for his life.  Solomon extended him mercy but then he tried to weasel his way back into power and so Solomon had him killed (1 Kings 2:13-25).

At the end of the day the purposes of God were filled.  The oath David took and the covenant God and David made that a son of David would forever sit on the throne of David of was fulfilled.

So what does this have to do with today?  Especially as we are entering a very, very tumultuous election cycle?

With Israel God had made a covenant.  Man tried to deceive and distract so violate the covenant, but God’s ways held firm.

So is there anything in this that holds application for today?  I don’t think we can draw too broadly from it but the fact that God keeps covenant.  His purposes will be fulfilled even though others will try to violate it for selfish gain.

God had a special covenant with Israel as a nation.  He made sure his covenant was fulfilled.  And he has a special covenant with us through Jesus.  And he will fulfill that covenant with us.  We can rest in that.  We need to do our part in honoring the covenant, but he also fights for us.

There’s a bigger story in this world of politics.