Several centuries ago I attended driver’s Ed where we were taught to avoid looking too intently at oncoming headlights. Apparently if you stare at something long enough you unconsciously go that direction. This little tidbit of advice grabbed my attention. As I continued to mature I noticed this strange phenomenon occurred in many spheres. It explained to me why some friends, who desperately hated certain characteristics of their parents, tended to grow up and produce the same fruit. They put so much energy into staring at what they hated that they collided with it. I find it can take enormous amounts of effort to avoid those tempting headlights; they seem to irresistibly beckon us to stare and mindlessly drive their direction. Anger, fear, perfectionism, unbelief, pride- these are semi trucks I care not to meet fender to fender on a highway. 

Today I was wondering if I could apply this truth the other direction. Currently the GPS in my car has been high jacked by Jesus. It’s a high-speed chase of trust these days and I don’t exactly know where I am going. But I know who I want to follow. And He seems to enjoy testing my ability to track Him. Instead of panicking that I can’t name the roads we are zooming past or even recognize the scenery, I will just keep staring at Jesus. Some sweet day at the end of this race we’re going to have an amazing collision!!

Lalena Leigh