Jesus was baptized.  And that is astounding.

What does it mean when Jesus said, “it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness”?

There is something that in baptism that is an act of righteousness.  An act of fulfilling something.  An act that provoked the Father to say, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”

When I think of those who ask the question, “Is it necessary for salvation to be baptized?”  Every time I hear this discussion I think to myself, ‘This is entirely the wrong question.’   Usually the question comes from someone who is resisting baptism.  The argument then digresses to, “What is someone dies on the way to getting baptized?”  Let’s be honest.  I’m sure that happens only very rarely.  And if it does, I believe God’s mercy is greater.

It’s not the question of whether baptism is necessary for salvation.  But the question is actually a question of obedience.  Why would I not get baptized when Scripture tells me to do so?  The Bible speaks much on our need to be baptized–for repentance (Acts 2:38), to take on Christ (Rom 6:3; Gal 3:27) and more.  Furthermore why would I not get baptized when even Jesus was baptized?

My reasons to be baptized are clear.  But Jesus’ reasons to be baptized were surprising even for John (Mt 3:14).

I find in Jesus’ baptism great modeling and great mystery.

I don’t know all the reasons Jesus was baptized.  I just know that he was.  And it brought the pleasure of the Father.  I want no less.