The parable of the seeds is one that challenges me each time I read it.

You know the story.  The seeds are sprinkled to the ground and not all of them are fruitful.

  1.  I-Don’t-Understand Seed.  The first seed is not fruitful because when the seed is planted, it is snatched by the evil one.  Jesus says this seed is the one who doesn’t understand the word sown in his heart.  I find in this a call to work towards helping others understand the gospel message.
  2. The next seed is the Rocky Soil Seed.  The seed finds soil but it doesn’t grow because of the rocks.  Jesus said this is the one who hears the Word and received it with joy, genuine joy, but falls away when troubles or persecutions come because of the word.  I’m challenged here to because in our presentation of the gospel we must make sure that it isn’t all roses and rainbows.  Persecutions and challenges ill come.
  3. The Thorn Bush – This one is me.  Thorns spring up and choke out the seed.  What are the thorns?  Worries.  Deceitfulness of wealth.  I’m trying hard in this season to figure out how to make a living.  Jesus said it’s not that the seed isn’t there and it hasn’t grown up healthy, but it gets choked by worry.  I don’t feel like I worry but I know every single day I think of trying to just make a simple living.
  4. The Good Soil – This is the seed that is fruitful and multiples.  It is the seed we all want to become.


Sometimes I’m torn if I’m honest.  I feel so desperate to make a living, just my daily bread, that I often feel like it’s crowding out my thoughts and time for Jesus.  I don’t know how to balance the two.  I need to be in a better place financially, but I find myself missing Jesus.  Missing the warmth of much time spent with him.  I know this new business I am in isn’t my calling.  But I don’t know to reconcile the two.

I just need to make sure the thorns go the fire.