I remember when the panic of Y2K hit.  People were hoarding and going to survival classes.  But I remember that in my spirit it just didn’t resonate.  I didn’t save up one single item as I just sensed nothing was going to happen.

When people started prediction Jesus would return on May 21 back a number of years ago, I thought nothing of it.  Jesus says even he doesn’t know the time or date, only the Father.  So you can almost guarantee Jesus won’t be coming back during that time.  At least that’s the way I look at it.

When coronavirus hit I actually did run to the store.  I’m in a season of caregiving and that re-shapes your thinking.  I bought a lot of groceries and toilet paper.  But about a week after, I felt the Lord say that this wasn’t the big one.  So since then we’ve used up the groceries and perishables.  And sure enough, things were restored.  Literally as in things came back to the store.

Lately there have been many, many words across spectrum that the Lord is warning of a a very big something on the horizon.  No one knows what it could be or look like at all.  Although it doesn’t take more than a minute of watching the news to see that things are unraveling and heading to a bad place.  Or it could be a natural disaster like an asteroid or something.

But this time in my spirit it’s different.  I feel this is the one we need to pay attention to and take the next month to prepare (It’s currently 7/12/2020).

So I’ve been preparing.  I’ve cashed in some stocks I had to pay off debts.  I’m saving up money to pay off another loan.  Although my car broke and I am borrowing a family member’s car, I don’t feel yet to go buy one and/or get into another loan situation.

I realize the food situation we have is mostly freezer dependent.  The word coming through many though is to prepare as if there will be no electricity (which almost means no purified water, I think).  Hm.  I’m not prepared for that one.

The Lord will lead people to prepare differently.  But I do think we have a short window to prepare.  Just watch any news channel and things are unraveling very, very rapidly.

So I write to you dear friends.  I don’t know if what is coming is for the U.S. only or for the world.  I have no idea what anything would look like.   Who knows.  I mean seriously, who could have thought that all that has already happened in 2020 would happen?

It really isn’t important the WHAT of what happens.  Leave that in the hands of the Lord.  But I strongly encourage you dear friends that in the next month you ask the Lord, “Is this warning legit LORD?  If so, what should I/we/my family do?”

Then DONT PANIC.  Panic is deadly.  Don’t fear.  Fear will cripple.  Give no room to anxiety.  Panic and fear and anxiety actually create disasters.  Literally.

But trust the Lord and let him lead you.  Be quick to obey, pray, worship and let him lead you.

Trust Him.

And remember if the Lord is kind enough to prepare His people beforehand, it’s so that when others are hoarding and hysteria breaks out, God’s people are prepared for generosity and helping to save the lives of others.