Anger Section #1:   If you are angry with a brother or call someone “you fool” you are in danger of the fire of hell.

Connector between the two sections:  THEREFORE

Anger Section #2:  If your brother has anger towards you, go to him/her.

I think it’s just recently that in my mind I connected these two sections.  I’ve kind of isolated section 2.  I thought that it’s not about your anger with another but someone else’s anger towards you.  But these 2 sections are connected with “therefore.”

Does it mean that your calling someone a “fool” or “raca” has so angered someone that you need to go reconcile with them?

Or that the problem is that they are angry with you for whatever reason?

Meditating on this one…

But the point is this.  No matter who is wrong and who is angry with who–get it reconciled.