It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

The ancient method of overtaking a city was to build seige ramps and send your army up the ramp and over the wall.  The length of time while they were building the ramps was also to an enemy’s advantage.  They could either starve out the city dwellers with lack of food or stop access to their water source.

The common method of defense was to send arrows flying on the workers and pour boiling on them.  The best was if they had their own food and water supply, high walls and military ammunition for attack.

Jericho had it all.

The city of Jericho was heavily fortified.  It had its own internal spring so there was plenty of water, and harvest had just happened so food was abundant.  There could have lived through a lengthy seige.

But God’s methods are not man’s methods.  Each day the army of Israel marched around the city.  The soldiers were completely silent and didn’t utter a word (6:10).  The only sound was trumpets blowing.

But on the seventh day they got up early.  Joshua ordered the troops to walk around the city seven times.  After the seventh time, he commanded that the trumpets sound a long blast and the people shout with all their might.

Upon their shouting, the walls crumbled to pieces.  The army of Israel marched right into the city and conquered it.  Only Rahab and those with her were saved.

God can do in 7 days with His strategies what it may take years to accomplish for those who do not know Him.

Remember this.

He isn’t impatient and acts “slowly” in our minds, but when he does act, look out!

It can happen fast.