We are an obese generation.  And it’s spreading to more than just our own country.  Even skinny people are eating unhealthy.  We want our food and we want it the way it tastes good to us.  I struggle with this. I like chips, a cold Coke and some good chocolate.

I was rereading Scripture the other day.  And there it was.  Do you want to know what was a stumbling stone for Israel?  Food.   Give us the leeks of Egypt!  We had pots of meat there!  (Num 11:4-6) They couldn’t embrace the hardship of lack so they complained.  Again and again.

Again when Satan wanted to trip up Jesus while he was doing a 40 day fast in the desert, what was the first recorded temptation?  Food.  ‘Just turn the stones to bread.’

How much self-control do we have with food?  And I don’t just mean for overweight people.  Are we willing to “suffer” so enter into the best that God has for us?  In my mind I think I can, but my actions show something completely different.  God please help me.