What is someone is a good Christian, the things they say come to pass and yet, they don’t follow the whole counsel of God?  This is actually prevalent.

Of course in some matters we will disagree as to the counsel of God.  But there are some things that are clear.

In this scenario, imagine a prophet who prophesies and it comes to pass in detail.  But that same prophet advocates for “following other gods.”  Should we follow that person?

For the Lord your God is testing you to know whether you love the LORD your God with all your heart and all your soul.  You must follow the LORD your God and fear him.  You must keep his commands and listen to His voice; you must worship Him and remain faithful to Him” (Deut 13:4).

Whew.  This applies to so many issues today.  A preacher may appear to be “anointed” and even prophesy things that come to pass and preach many good things, but on significant moral issues take a cultural view instead of a Biblical one.

Will we be lead astray?  Will we go with them?  Many do.  Oh we must be careful.  Our children should not go to Molech.  Our hearts should not worship the many-breasted Asherah poles.

Things may sound good, look good and even be good.  But we must obey him with all our hearts.  Not just half of them.