Applying just one principle taught in this book I believe is changing me.

How do you bring about change in your life?  So often we will ourselves and will ourselves and end up frustrated.  While the Lord does help us, we can do our part too.  This book practical steps how we can begin to get there.  And no, it is not a Christian based book.  But regardless, the truth of compounding interest in our actions stands true.

The Slight Edge in essence is very small daily, consistent decisions that get us to our goal.  Want an improved marriage?  A happier life?  Better skills?  Then we don’t get there my many disciplines and we don’t get there fast.  We get there because we are in state of continuous motion that tiny steps will direct.

For me I took one chapter in particular and applying it to how I think and approach life.  Even in a short time I’m beginning to notice the difference.  The truth of compounding actions is unfolding, even if I haven’t been 100% consistent.  This book will stay with me for awhile.

Is the book well written?  Eh.  Not so much.  But are the truths powerful?  Yes.  And for that reason it is worth a read.  Because I believe it can help in any area of life.  It’s helping me.

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