Symbols, do they matter?  You bet they do.  They call us to action of some kind.  This is what the prophets used to connect with their listeners.

I saw a man with a swirled dash on his shoe (Nike).   In his arm he carried a box with flying windows (Windows PC) of various colors.  In the other hand was an apple (Mac) but it had a bite taken out of it.  He had to go fast as he might change his mind.  After awhile he saw a large wooden rectangle on a tall post (a billboard).  On it was painted a triangle with growing lines (Wifi).  Next to it was large yellow arches (McDonalds).  Suddenly a yellow light pierced the sky and in it was a black bird (Batman).  It was just the help he needed!  The light pointed to a building and man went there.  Inside was a box with a triangle of green arrows (recycle).  He sighed for a minute.  He saw a blue box with a “t” inside (Twitter) and another darker blue box with an “f” inside (Facebook).  They both had a circle around them with a diagonal slash (Do not).   So he put them in the large box and went home.

The basis:  A man recycling his computers because he has addictions to Facebook and Twitter.