In this crazy world
where my world is crumbling down.
When surrounded by chaos, death and rage
And the voice of reason is drowned.

When the present is impossible
and no light is in my sight,
When security is hard to find and
sleepless is the night.

When the future is so uncertain
yet death is way too near,
And in this crazy chaos there
appears great things to fear.

Yet there is this strange anomaly
growing inside of me,
It is not clear, it’s not broken through,
And it’s not entirely free.

But there it is in humble form,
Pushing through the dirt,
Covered with leaves, and parts of debris
as it pushes through the hurt.

Angst is set aside as this
crazy thing does grow,
It has to be from Him
because its origins I do not know.

So slowly does it grow
that no one yet can see,
But there it is persistent,
growing inside of me.

It does not come alone
But it grows there with its friends,
It speaks of new life coming,
As one chapter soon will end.

In the past my skills
Have taught me only how to cope,
But this new life growing inside of me?
They are much different.

I call them Joy and Hope.