One thing that has been very difficult (and good) is the problem of the mirror.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it does not make yourself more Godly to memorize large portions of Scriptures.  If anything, it exposes the ungodliness.

James has been a real mess for me.  Every chapter it seems to say something about the tongue–do not slander one another, don’t grumble against each other, don’t swear (keep your word), etc… And the last few weeks every time I turn around my mouth is spewing evil, and those Scriptures I’ve memorized are right there before me.  Ever before me.

Then one of my prayers often is that I will be wise.  But “wisdom” is living well–“pure, then peace-loving, consider, submissive, full of mercy and good works, impartial and sincere.”  I applied this to a conflictual situation in my life that I’ve been grumbling about, and I think I have not been exemplifying any of these.    At all.

James is right.  To look at the Word is the equivalent of looking at a mirror, and it isn’t pretty (Jms 1).  It’s worse than morning hair.  And trying to change…that’s harder yet.  I can only throw myself on his mercy and trust that He will finish the work He began in me.