A couple of months ago I was on a prolonged fast and one of the richest treasures from that fast was discovering the reality that I was living a Bibliocentric life greater than a Christocentric life.  The one upholds the Bible as the center, studies the Bible, loves the Word, is enriched by it but it subtly eclipses the Jesus-centric life.  The Jesus life focuses all on Jesus, studies the Bible to discover more ofJesus, teaches and preaches with Jesus as the center, and more.

The Bible centric life honors Jesus but subtly morality becomes the goal and the Bible is the means.

The Jesus centric life has Jesus as the center and worshipping Jesus becomes the goal.

The Bible is so necessary and good, but it always and ever points to Jesus.  The giver of life.

As it has been said, Jesus came not to make bad people good, but dead people alive.

So what does it mean to be alive in Jesus?

What does it mean to be in a Jesus-centric life?

More to come.