Today there was an announcement in the local paper about a community send-off for the next round of troops.  Not sure where all they are going but I’m sure it is to the typical hot spot areas.  And when they go I don’t think they will expect spas in the evening, relaxed schedules by day, safe times, good food, etc…  When soldiers go to war, they know times will be challenging.  That’s why they are soldiers.

Somehow as Christians it feels like we can choose when we go to war by the projects we engage ourselves in.  If we do a large community outreach, we know we are “going to war” in the heavenlies fighting for our communities.  When we go on a mission trip abroad or a service project locally, we feel like we are going to war.  But it’s not true.  We don’t get to go to war or enter into battles.

Why?  The truth is life is at war.  We don’t choose to go to it, we are in it.  Full on.  All the days of our lives.  We do not join a battle as the battle is everywhere and at all times.  We, dear Christians, are in the middle of a war that won’t end until Jesus returns.  Even in heaven Jesus makes intercession for the saints.  It doesn’t end even when we die.  It may end for us but not for humanity.  Not even in the heavens as the battles rage on.

Why is this important?

Tonight I was wishing my mom’s elder years would be peaceful.   Normal.  Just happy years for her years of service.  They’ve been anything but that.  Driven out of a job she loves because of computers, issues with difficult friends, surgeries and life threatening infections and reactions that have not ended for 3 continuous years, so many frequent flyer miles to the hospital I think Medicare bought the place (thank-you Medicare).  I’m Ok with troubles, just not with them happening to my mother.  Just not her.  Anyone but her.  Lord, I want it boring.

But it doesn’t work that way.  Because we are in a war.  We are already there.  And will remain there.

So I need to remember to keep my expectations in perspective.  Battle on.  Because there will be one day when I will be out of it.  Not now.  Not even when I die.  But when the Lord says Enough.