Life has seasons and it also has gears. One thing that has helped in this journey of memorization is knowing that it is Ok to have those gears, as long as we understand what is and what is not a gear. Prayer and the meditation on God’s Word is not a gear. It is the fuel. Without these we will not go far to the heart of Jesus.

Memorization though is one of those things that does have gears. I’m not talking automatic gears but those gears we have in the old standard cars (still the best) where there is first through fifth gears you put the car into to drive. Memorization has gears. Sometimes I’m in first and not going very fast or I may even be stopped. At other times I’m just cruising right along in fifth gear. Gears are only a problem if I just stop for long periods of time.

Right now is one of those times I’m somewhere between first gear and slowed to a stop. Hopefully for only a few more days as I’ve missed the memorization process. In fact if anything this pause has helped me to see how much memorization really is influential my daily life. But the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on moving to a different city. It’s only 30 miles away but I’m living half here half there. You probably know what I mean. I hope to moved there by this weekend but for now, I’m at the Stop sign and packing boxes.

The grace of gears is that if we give ourselves this grace for different gears, we’re more likely to pick things up again. No discouragement, no condemnation, just the wonderful grace of gears. I hope to at least be back in third or higher soon. 🙂