In the 18th Century constructed in Prussia, an extraordinary Amber Room was constructed.  It is considered by some as the 8th Wonder of the World for it’s extraordinary beauty, wealth and design.  But it all disappeared.  When WW2 hit, all the panels and the artifacts went missing and to this day are a mystery as to their whereabouts.


It was beautiful and extraordinary, but it was nothing compared to what Solomon built for the Lord during his day.  The temple was built with massive stones hewn outside of the temple complex so that no sound of hammering and “common” things would be heard.

The temple rooms themselves were lined with fragrant cedar boards from floor to ceiling capturing the beauty and fragrance of the natural world.  But this was the outer area.

For the sanctuary, the most holy place, it was all lined with gold, beautiful ornamental hammering, and giant cherubim also overlaid with gold.  The altar as well was overlaid with gold and there were ornamental gold chains hanging in the room as well.

He added the gold overlay to the entire temple until everything was completely finished” (1 Kings 6:22).

It most assuredly glowed with extraordinary beauty, the highest wealth available, and the awe and wonder of the Lord’s presence when it came.  There was nothing like in the world or in history.

But even greater than it all was the promise of Presence.

“The word of the Lord came to Solomon:  “As for this temple you are building–if you walk in My statues, observe My ordinances, and keep all My commands by walking in them, I will fulfill My promise to you, which I made to your father David.  I will live among the Israelites and not abandon My people Israel” (1 Kings 6:11-13).

The promise was this.  God would place His presence not just at the temple, but among the people, if they continued to walk in His ways.  This was a powerful promise.  It meant great security and blessing for Israel and was just unheard of.  Previously God had visited them at Mt. Sinai and had shown them great signs and wonders, but to in a sense “live among” them?!  Wow.

As wild as that is, it gets even better for the people of God in Christ.  We have the promises of God and even greater than this.  The Lord promised us that He would not just live among us like He did Israel, but he would actually live within us by His Presence through His Holy Spirit.  Unfathomable really.

And with it is great promise.  We too are called upon to walk in His ways, and He too promises that through Jesus in our lives, He will not abandon us. This is an extraordinary act of love from a perfect God.