I’ve observed in recent days that there are two expressions of commitment: Faithful people and Loyal people.

Faithful people are those who are committed to the good and the best for you and are unwavering in that commitment. They stay true to who they are and true to what is right, good, and loving towards you.

Loyal people are those are committed to you. You can do good and you can do bad and nothing at all will change their commitment to you. Even if you do something wrong, if you’ve been hurt by someone they will rise up instantly and attack hell with a squirt gun on your behalf.

How it looks in relationships is that loyal people will always come to your defense, no matter what you’ve done. They will fight for you, defend you and never waver. You need loyal people in your life. You need to be reminded that you are fought for and nothing will change that. It creates security and love.

Faithful people in relationships will be faithful to you. Take an issue to them and they will hear you, love you, but they will also tell you the truth. They are committed to your good. You need faithful people in your life because you need to be loved enough to grow. It too creates security and love.

We need both.