Priest spoke to God on behalf of men.
Prophets spoke to men on behalf of God.

Priests rarely were killed.  People liked them.
Prophets were killed all the time.  People loved/hated them.

Jeremiah was a priest.  Not even a high priest, but just a priest.  But one day as a young man he was called…to be a prophet.

“Oh no Lord!  I don’t know how to speak; I am only a child!”

‘Don’t say that.  I’m going to send you to everyone.’

Jeremiah was probably content with his priest duties.  But now he was called to preach against his governments officials, priests and the people of the land.  And it wasn’t some nice and cozy message but rather one that would “uproot and tear down, destroy and overthrow.”

His life would be at risk.  His family at risk.  His friendships at risk.

Government haters would jump at the chance for a calling like this.  But the Lord didn’t need a government hater.  He needed a humble, albeit reticent man who understood the mercy of the Lord.  And that man was Jeremiah.  So he went.