So last year when I was hitting this gung ho, as in about 20 verses per day, I began to fade away during the February/March season.  The reason being that I had a very heavy workload and wasn’t keeping up.  At 20 verses a day, it was becoming words without meaning.

 In this year so far I’ve had a pretty light schedule…until now.  For the next 3 months my days will be packed full.  Already one night I fell asleep at 8 pm in all my clothes as I was just so tired (needless to say memorization didn’t happen that night).

I’m actually anticipating this challenge as I will be able to see if my fading away was because of too many verses and/or because of life’s heavy workload.   I’ve also dropped from 20 verses to 3.  This seems doable but I also know that throughout the day my full concentration is on my work.  I’m not at a desk job where there are brain breaks.  So this is where it starts to become interesting.

(On track for today with Psalm 5:7-8)