God’s kindness come oftentimes in common packages.

I make a lot of fruit smoothies in order to help my health.  But with a recent grocery store closing, our supplier of discounted speckled bananas went away and we haven’t been able to find another one.  But I needed bananas so I decided to go into a local chain store.  Would you believe they had speckled bananas on half price?

I asked the person next to me stocking avocadoes for a box.  I filled it and was going to go on when she asked if I wanted another box.  Sure.  As I was filling that one the produce manager came out (she had heard someone was stocking up on bananas) and told me she would give me another box also for a half off.  She brought them out.  They were perfectly ripe–no brown spots.

She explained to me that the store had strangely received an extra shipment of bananas and they didn’t know what to do as they were going to lose them all.   Serious? By the time I was done I walked out with 120#’s of bananas to put in the freezer for about $20.

It makes me wonder sometimes why we get so many miracles like this.  It happens so regularly.  I believe it is God’s favor.  But when I ask for testimonies like  this church we don’t receive any.  I sometimes wonder why.

Are we just getting the favor right now?  Are eyes just not open to see?  I don’t know.  But I’m glad for how God is blessing us.  It’s been a season of fire.  But it’s also been a season of grace.