I was reading a book once where a woman was talking to a counselor about how her husband barely seemed to notice her. It wasn’t that there was any great conflict or anything, it’s just that she had become numb on his radar.

His advice?

Be aloof.

She did. Casually she became somewhat aloof about her daily life and what she was doing and where she was going.

While I’m not sure it would be recommended advice in all situations, in this case it worked. Out of the blue her husband started to ask her questions, be more engaged and wanted to know more what she was doing. He re-engaged.

The last few days while I’ve been praying my spirit hasn’t stirred. I’ve watched sermons online and I feel like I’m watching something strange. I pray and it seems empty. So I go to my default which is to pick up my guitar and worship, and even there…nothing.

Is my spirit alive? Is God there? Have I done something to offend him?

Sometimes there’s an aloofness to God that I think is righteous. The truth is that I’ve been so consumed with work and my home circumstances that my Bible reading has been minimal. My prayer life has been feeble. And a dedicated time with the Lord has been missing.

I think the aloofness in my spirit is a call from God to draw near again.

“Draw near to me and I will draw near to you” (Jms 4:8).

“The Lord is near to all who call upon Him” (Ps 145:18).

Sometimes His aloofness is a call for us to seek him out. To repent if we have done something wrong. And if He doesn’t show us any sin, to come back to be near Him again.

I don’t like my spirit feeling empty. I don’t like the disconnect in my heart. I want to be fully engaged. It’s working. Why?

I want Him again.