The temptation came again and the trial to harm the Lord’s anointed was right there.  As well as the justification to take action.

Once again the Ziphites ratted David out and once again Saul mustered an army to attack him.  And once again David came close enough to kill him and take his possessions (his spear and water jug) and once again he let Saul live.  Why?

“As the LORD lives the LORD will certainly strike him down; either his day will come and he will die, or he will go into battle and perish.  However, because of the LORD, I will never lift my hand against the LORD’s anointed” (1 Ssam 26:10-11).

I thought of this yesterday as I was talking to someone, expressing my dislike of some things observed in a pastor.  Sorry Lord.  I spoke against your anointed.