It’s a time of review when we look back over the year and it was interesting comparing this year’s memorization progress to last.  Last year I dug in hard as you can see from the posts, blazing through Matthew at about 15-20 verses per day.  But around March I started to fizzle out and stopped in the summer altogether.  This year after much wrestling I went slower and meditated more.  I came to understand “the grace of gears” (Sept 26, 2011 post).  Sometimes we are in first gear and sometimes in fifth.  On occasion we are even stopped but only for a short time.  That is how we make any journey.  And that’s how I made this year’s journey with the process of memorizing.   And lo and behold, I came farther and did more chapters this year than last.  And I got more out of it.  In fact, memorizing James simply changed me in a way I didn’t even expect.  At the end of the day, grace got me farther.  Imagine that.