I live in tornado country and when a tornado is coming, the siren sounds.  When it does, you take cover in a basement or shelter.  People do the same with hurricanes and other storms.  People, a terrible, terrible storm is on the horizon on a food level (although who knows that Jesus might not come back first).

This is going to affect the whole world.

Just look at the factors:

  • Darecho (an inland hurricane) took out 10 million acres of the corn crop in the midwest of US
  • The meat packing industry took a terrible hit with the coronavirus
  • The Southwest of the US is experiencing such severe drought that farms are shriveled to nothingness
  • Hurricane Laura took out business in the south and will take much money to restore
  • There is a shortage of material to make cans for food and beverages
  • The Beirut Lebanon explosion took out their harbour meaning many countries are shipping them food for survival
  • China had terrible flooding that is bringing about a food shortage as it took out their rice crop
  • The coronavirus has taken out many food packaging plants everywhere

All these factors mean a terrible, terrible food crisis is coming globally in the next couple of years.  I am guessing food prices will begin to spike significantly in the next 12 months, with just a sheer lack of food available in 2022 and 2023.  You can’t make food from crops that were destroyed by various disasters.

How to Prepare?

The food crisis alone is going to be a big issue.  Big.  Really, really big.  Civil unrest is already causing issues.  What will it be like when a food crisis hits?

Important things to do:

  1.  Have food (and plenty of water!) for you and your family and those around you.  There’s a time not to store up and a time to store up.  Joseph stored up food for Egypt for 7 years to get the nation through 7 years of famine.  There’s a time and season for it.
  2. Prepare for generosity.  Literally.  Prepare your heart now that you will be generous even in the very difficult hour.
  3. Set your heart on the things of heaven.  It’s harder than you think in scary times where much work needs to be done.
  4. Learn to worship.  Worship will lift you above life’s hardship.
  5. Invest in relationships.  Relationships are what get you through hard times.  People often want to “head to the hills” and “hunker down.”  But never forget it is each other that will bring us through.  No one person has it all.
  6. Pray to the Lord that he would have mercy.  Events such as these will bring about suffering for the most vulnerable in the world.  He has been known to relent out of his compassion.

Take this serious.  This isn’t fear mongering.  This is math.  Globally harvests have failed.  There will be global results because of it.

It’s not a season to go to the place of fear.  Trust the Lord.  Be watchful.  Pray.  Take care of one another.

But don’t just pretend everything is going to be ok and go back to “normal.”

It isn’t.

Please, whoever is reading this:

Do something.

And think of not only your own situation but others as well.

Before I close this post, I want to add #7:

Prepare for the Lord’s return.

I do think it is soon.  I think we also have much more to unfold both good and bad, but let’s prepare ourselves to meet him.  He is coming for his bride.  Let him find us faithful.