“Everybody likes music!” I’ve heard on a number of occasions.

I’ve stopped answering them because people don’t believe me.  But my mom, she HATES music.  It makes her angry.

“Everywhere you go there’s music!  In the elevator, at a wedding…everywhere!”

Occasionally she can tolerate some jazz but that’s about it.

Because of this growing up we didn’t grow up with music in the house.  I played musical instruments but I seemed to be the only one who enjoyed playing.  But we definitely did not listen to music.  Although for the time my dad was here he would listen to classical musical and sit in his room and cry all day.  (Depression issues.)

For me it’s not that I mind music it’s that it’s so never been a part of my life and culture I don’t think to even play it.  Long car rides?  Love them!  Time to pray and listen to podcasts.  But not music.  Outdoors working in the garden?  Love it!  The sound of the birds and the frogs is beauty to my ears.

It’s no wonder when I read in the Psalms “sing to the Lord” and “make music to Him” that it feels like a good thing to do and not really a command.  Perhaps a nice suggestion.

Lately though I keep hitting on certain Scriptures and feel like it’s the Lord saying that it’s actually not a suggestion, but a command.  A joyful command but still something to be obeyed.


It doesn’t matter.  Perhaps it’s because the Lord really enjoys us singing and worshiping on more than just Sunday.  Perhaps it’s a more intimate and artistic way to connect with the Lord.  I don’t know for sure and it’s not that important to know the why.  It’s more important that I obey.  An easy one for 99.99% of humanity.  But for me it is something to learn.  Sort of like the command for us to bow before the Lord, we also need to sing before the Lord.  I need to sing before the Lord.  And make music to him.

So here it goes, Lord.

Here’s my mouth.

Fill it with song.