Last night I went to bed in not a good place.  For all practical purposes it looked the devil would win today and I was utterly helpless.  I prayed.  I rebuked the devil.  And I smashed my pillow in frustration. (It probably has died a thousand deaths.)  All I could see was that the devil was trying to deceive, kill and destroy.  All I could do was watch the “devil, prowling around like a lion seeking who he may devour,” (1 Pet 5:8).  My prayers seemed empty.This morning I woke up and those thoughts lingered.  Then all of a sudden I realized I was looking at the wrong one!  I was looking at the devil feeling helpless.  But then I fixed my eyes on the Almighty.  And I prayed the same prayers but with eyes on the One who has REAL power.  It brought great joy to my spirit!  So I prayed, recruited others to pray, and joy came back.  I felt the victory in my spirit before anything took place.

“Fix your eyes on Him.”  It says (Heb 12:2).

That is the way to victory.