Sex trafficking is one of the top 3 crimes in the world standing behind drugs and weapons.  Although I’m wondering it hasn’t surpassed weapons by now.

Oftentimes I see posts on Facebook for missing children, and I wonder if they too have been abducted into the sex trafficking slave.  It happens in every major city (and most minor cities), with hundreds of thousands abducted every year.  And yet when traffickers are caught, so very few of them are ever really convicted.

Can you imagine if there’s a worse evil in this world?  Abducting children, both girls and boys, and selling them in the marketplace as sex slaves?  I can’t think of much more evil.  God will deal with them on justice day as he has made clear.

So this morning I was reading in Ex 21 and I see in there very clearly that “Anone who kidnaps another and either sells him or still has him when is caught must be put to death.”

Plain and simple.  The Old Testament law makes clear that kidnapping = death.  We’re not even talking sex slavery here.

Now some people, especially in countries where there is nothing more vile in the death penalty, will say that this is Old Testament.

Regardless of whether you believe in the death penalty or not, the point is still made.  Kidnapping is no small offense in the eyes of God and should be punishable to the maximum extent of the law.  It’s nonsense that so very few sex traffickers are ever sentenced or if they are sentenced, it’s a light sentence.  The bible teaches that they should receive the maximum sentence.

When I flew into one of the Asian countries many years ago, I received not just a stamp in my passport but a sticker.  It says clearly, “we punish drugs use or smuggling with death.”   If I were a drug user, abuser or seller, I would think twice about setting up market in that country.  I think too if we make our laws equivalent to the crime and actually follow through on those laws, whatever they may be, then perhaps sex trafficking would diminish somewhat in scope.  But when they get a slap on the wrist and a wink out the door, what’s to stop people from this heinous evil?