It was not a good moment.  I was getting swallowed up in the despair of the moment, the bleakness of the unknown, and that I need God’s help to change things.

I might say this again, it was not a good moment.

I was feeling unsafe,  unable, and uncertain about things ahead.   The situation requires a move of God.  And I wondered, can I trust him?  Because it’s horrible if things don’t happen.

Then I remembered the post I made about Psalm 77.  I remembered the lesson of Asaph.

And while in my “not good moment” I couldn’t remember the past, I made an intentional effort.  And then my eyes opened.

Again and again in similar, but less serious, situations God has delivered me.

He has been my safety, surety and clarity.

I haven’t.

But He has.

And sometimes we need to kick ourselves in the shin.  And remind ourselves to remember.

To remember that God, while not protecting us from evil, still cares for us in the midst of it all.

His peace cometh in the night.