Review.  That is a huge key to memorization.  But how?  And that is a key question.  The book of Matthew takes 3 hours, 55 minutes and 40 seconds to read.  Yes, I timed it myself at a moderate speed of reading (If you want the list of minutes for each book, it is in the manual on

Specific Review:  What I’ve learned about memorizing certain sections is that I may think I have it down perfectly, but when I type it in the Scripture memory software ( I come up missing a lot more than I intended.  I’ve learned using software like this is vital to accuracy.

Broad Review:  So how do you review on a broad scale?  Do I just pick a chapter or two here and review on occasion, or do I work on being able to recite the whole book at any time?  It’s not an easy question and it is one others are also asking who memorize great quantities.  But if I look at my objective–the whole New Testament, I will have to move on to other sections and review on occasion.   Ben Wilson who wrote “Thy Word have I Hidden in My Heart” ( encourages us that though we may forget, because of our usage of the Word in reading, meditation and prayer, as well as review on occasion, that the Word will get lodged in our brains.  And again I come back to the fact that I’ve heard of prison stories where people in prison have been able to recall Scriptures that they only learned as a kid and had abandon since then.  Somehow their mind was able to recall what they learned.  So God has created our minds in a manner much more powerful than we realize.  And so we go forward learning as we go.

Review of Mat 23:1-28