There are three keys to memorizing long portions of Scripture–1) Review, 2) Review, and 3) Review.  This is a lot easier said than done.  I still haven’t figured out how to do so in an efficient, yet accurate manner.

One thing I struggled in with these couple of chapters is when I was reviewing them, trying to remember which story comes after the one I just finished.  It was a lot easier in the beginning chapters as the flow was more understandable.  But now I’m where there’s story after story coming up, and sometimes they seem downright random and disjointed.  There is a logical flow but it’s not nearly so obvious.

I definitely need to review more deeply.  I was able to recite the chapters but when I went to type them out in the software, I had many a little typos.  Not major thematic points, but more trying to remember if it is “he” this time or if the name “Jesus” goes there.

I’m definitely still learning how to do all this.  The exciting news though is that I’m now in chapter 10 and when I memorize this, I’ll be able to say I learned chapters 1-10 in a month.  Wow!  Exciting!


Reviewed 8:1-10:4