Kingdom review!  I’m so glad for the review as this chapter (13) is long.  It takes a lot to put all the kingdom parables together.  But to sum up the kingdom parables, I’d have to say these are the main points:

  • It’s not enough to respond to the message.  To be fruitful one must hear, obey and persevere.
  • He who does hear, obey and persevere “will be given more and will have an abundance”!
  • The enemy has come but at the end of the age, they will be thrown into the burning fire and the righteous will shine like the fiery sun
  • It costs everything to obtain the kingdom of heaven but this sacrifice, when you know what you are receiving, comes with great and reckless joy.
  • The kingdom of heaven always offers us something fresh and new as well as old and treasured

I reviewed 12:46-13:52 which went smoothly, although it took awhile.  There is so much in chapter 13 I think I will need to review it often.  And on tomorrow’s schedule is a review of the past 6 chapters.  I still haven’t figured out how to effectively review a large quantity of chapters especially with the time factor of school, study, work and life.  But I will keep working at it and hope some kind of system will develop.  Maybe I’ll discover some key along the way!  What is exciting though is that at the end of this week, I should officially cross the halfway point.  Yeah!