So today was the second review day and I ran into the first set of challenges.  For starters, how do you review 7 chapters?  I did recite them to myself and I think I was about 95% accurate again.  But it was a little difficult to tell.  I tried to go through my computer program that I use but I realized I had done a poor job of keeping up in typing the Scriptures in.  I just thought of an idea, maybe I should type it, print it out and give it the red pen.   Hmmm….

Another challenge I had was remembering the flow of the texts.  I’ve memorized paragraphs but I haven’t solidified them in my mind the flow of them, especially with the Sermon on the Mount.  I get to chapters 6 and 7 and the different “you have heard that it was said” sections I say in different places.   I did pick up a tip from another person who has memorized large portions of Scripture and that is to solidify in your mind whole sections.  Then don’t necessarily work on repeating everything over and over, but focus on those particular sections at a time.  Maybe I’ll try that.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, is how to integrate this spiritually.  How do I keep the Word fresh for my spirit?  Is this memorization part of “devotional time?”  While I do get insights into the Word, how do I keep it connected to my heart and not just my mind?  I don’t think that I know the answer to that one yet.