Reuben…his brother was the object of a murder plot by his other brothers.  He was the oldest.  He was responsible.  And without a doubt he had children of his own by then.

So when he heard his brothers were planning to murder their youngest brother, he went…half way.

He told his brothers to throw Joseph into the cistern in the desert but not to kill him directly.  His plan was to come back later and get him.

He could’ve just said, “Don’t do this evil!” and he probably would have got somewhere.

But he didn’t.

He probably justified it saying his other brothers needed to blow off some steam.

The problem was that when Reuben went back to rescue his youngest brother, Joseph was no longer there.  He was already sold to the Midianites.

When we stand up for what is right, let’s stand up strong.  All the way.  And say no, this isn’t right.  Half-righted got Reuben nowhere.  And I don’t think it will do us any good either.  It may cost us.  It for sure will cost us.  But if we don’t evil may reign.