As I read of my friends traveling throughout the world, working with the broken and seeing miracles.  My eyes well up in tears.  I can’t tell you why, they just do.  It wasn’t just envy but a longing to walk as they are and see God move as they have.  But then I stopped.  Has God not moved even more in my own life this year?

  • Battling my own health issues that put me in bed for 20 hours a day in 2014 and only half way recovered in 2015.  In 2016 under extraordinary duress my health was given a grace ticket to care for another family member.  My health issues are trying to return, but in the hour of greatest need there was a supernatural grace to endure.
  • Where doctors gave zero hope, not even an inkling, God stepped in.  There have been restoration miracles so amazing that others stand back in awe.  My desire and prayer is that those stay firm that one day, all this disease and sickness can be redeemed for the healing of many.
  • Earlier in the year I felt the Lord say to save the tithe but not put it in the offering.  Recently I was wondering what to do with it and about to give it to a missionary when a significant crisis in the church arose.  I realized it was for this hour that the Lord had saved funds back.  The Lord had gave before and blessed me to be a blessing to another.
  • We were with a group of people and I had the privilege to teach others about being bold in prayer for healing.  They prayed for one another and one person was restored completely of breathing problems.  Three months later and the problems have not returned.  Another was prayed for that wasn’t healed, but we rejoice together for the one healed, while continuing to pray for the other.
  • Earlier this year a vacation was utterly impossible.  A few months later because of healing we were able to take the biggest vacation of our lives, traveling over 4000 miles.
  • In an hour of great need the Lord spoke and directed us to the persons around us who could help.  God had gone before us.
  • When there were health issues that persisted, he directed us to take action and see the problems.
  • This has been a TOUGH year relationally.  But as the Lord spoke and obedience followed, the back of great anger has been broken.  Not gone yet, but broken and on its way out.  Where sin has abounded, let grace abound all the more.
  • Many things have happened nationally that can only be attributed to God alone.
  • One of my hearts desires had been to see friends across the nation and with what was going on, I didn’t plan on seeing it come to pass for years.  Yet on vacation I realized God was doing just that as we went from one friend to the next.  Wow!
  • The Lord withdrew me via circumstances out of my control from working in a job that would have been miserable.
  • The Lord gave us the best Christmas time with family that I’ve ever had as an adult.
  • The Lord changed people in such a way that there is significant greater peace and rest.  What seemed impossible (people changing), God has done and is doing.
  • Several have been spared death this year only by God’s gracious hand.
  • The Lord brought a friend back into my life after 20 years that is having a parallel journey.  One that I can speak with in difficult times.
  • I went into the year so depleted that I could not imagine 2016.  It was so far worse than I ever could have imagined but in that God answered a prayer for greater emotional health and strength.  I’m a different person today than a year ago and I am glad.

I’m ending the year much stronger inwardly.  The year has been as a fire, a tornado or a bucking bull ride.  But it appears to be ending well.  I am reminded that we grow must when our circustances are at their worst.

I look to 2017 with huge question marks. I long desperately for improved physical health, and the self-discipline to make changes.  I long for financial foundations with the projects I’m working on and wisdom to know how to go forward.   I long for health in those in my immediate circle.  Sickness has taken so much.  I am asking that God redeem it for his greater glory.

So that’s 2016 in review.  The year 2017 looks to one of change.  Change of president from the outset.  May the Lord be the victor of 2017 in ways that the world can say, “God alone did this.”

Blessings to you and may 2017 be one of great and grace-filled, hope-filled changing year for you too.