Nowhere in Psalm 16 do you find the word “envy,” but I do find it in my heart. Even though my mind knows better, I find myself envying sinners. Not their lives, not their lifestyles, but like the one psalm that says something along the lines of ‘why Lord, do they seem to have everything?’ They get to live how they want, they get good things, they have a lot of people around them, many even have a form of religion, etc… These things can be a snare for me, not to participate in their behaviors and not to let my heart give way to envy. Envy–the sin we don’t ever hear much about (it’s Commandment #10).

But this week every time I’ve been tempted to envy, God keeps reminding me of Psalm 16:4–“the sorrows of those will increase who run after other gods.” They may not have their sorrows now, but they will. In the long run righteousness is the better road. The reward? “You will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand” (v. 11). So really, there is no comparison. I will gladly choose joy over sorrow any day. Envy is ridiculous and the problem is a focus on what others have and what I don’t versus what I do have. And believe me you, in Jesus, I have everything.