When people we ask us questions that we don’t the answer to, it’s easy for us to say something up that sounds reasonable and good.  Sometimes, this is Ok as we reason out loud.  But others times it can be disastrous.

I love how Moses handled this.

The Lord commanded the people to celebrate the Passover.  But there were a couple of guys that had become unclean due to a corpse and therefore were not allowed to celebrate.  They asked Moses what they should do and why they should be “excluded from presenting the Lord’s offering at its appoint time with the other Israelites” (Num 9:7).

Moses answered so very well.

Num 9:8 Moses answered them, “Wait until I find out what the Lord commands concerning you.”

Basically wait and let me seek the Lord about what to do.  Especially when it came to one of his commands.

This is a great verse for leaders.  Of course Moses had a very special relationship with the Lord.  But we too can pray and seek Him, working to discern His will for us and those we lead.  Not that we hear the Lord for people, but as leaders of anyone (even parents are leaders), we must make decisions.  And there is definitely a time where we need to say wait, let me go seek teh Lord.