The Lord hears and responds…#blessed

The above is what appeared on my Facebook timeline a few minutes ago.   And yet I have no idea what I was referring to at that time.  Interesting as it goes right along with what I have been reading in Deuteronomy:

Only be on your guard and diligently watch yourselves so that…” (4:9)

So that…

Can you guess what the next part is?

So that you don’t forget

So that you don’t forget what?

So that you don’t forget the things your eyes have seen and so that they don’t slip from your mind as long as you live.”

One would think things like the Exodus and the parting of the Red Sea would never be forgotten, or the 10 plagues on Egypt, or their miraculous deliverance to the land of Canaan.  But the Lord knows we are forgetful, even of the extraordinary events that He has done for us.

“be on your guard and diligently watch yourselves so that you don’t forget”

The Lord does many things in our lives.  He speaks to us in miraculous ways and does miraculous events.  He helps us in the common.

I can think of two ways recently.  I have been praying for months about my taxes and trying to figure out how to pay them.  Every year I have to pay and it’s usually quite a bit.  Then there’s the accountant to pay, and also my car taxes and tags come due at the same time.  March is hard financially.

So I went into the accountant just on edge wondering how much I would have to pay this year.  And lo and behold, I was to get a sum of money back!  Actually back.  Except state taxes which I would need to pay.  And the amount to pay for the accountant, state taxes and car tags and taxes?  It was within $5 of being able to pay all those with my federal returns, and even be able to use the $5 to celebrate with an ice cream.

But then the next bill was looming.  I needed to pay my car loan.  I had no money to manufacture the finance to do so, and if I didn’t by June, then I would be fined heavily with a year’s worth of interest.  I was praying (and fretting somewhat) about how to pay that bill.  And then lo and behold, I get a stimulus check and am able to make the final payment so that I’m free of that loan forever.  Thank you Jesus!

There’s more bills to come.  I’m learning to take them one at a time.

But what’s important is that I don’t post this…

“The Lord hears and responds…#blessed”

…and not remember how he has cared for me.  How he blessed and provided for me.  How he met me when I had need.

To not forget, the Israelites often set up monuments.  Typically it was stones stacked on top of one another that became Pillars of Remembrance.  They also had the special festival and events to remember such as Passover, Pentecost, Feast of Booths, etc…  These things are still practiced and remembered to this day.

But what about me?  What “pillars of remembrance” do I have set up?  I really don’t have anything, but what can I do so that I too can follow this?

“be on your guard and diligently watch yourselves so that you don’t forget”

For me, I think it may come down to as simply writing things down on 3×5 notecards and saving them.  When I’m discouraged, I can read these and remember the goodness of the Lord.  And when I want to praise him, I can bring those out and again be encouraged in the Lord.

It doesn’t have to be big.  It doesn’t have to be stones.  But like the Israelites, we are quick to forget.

“be on your guard and diligently watch yourselves so that you don’t forget”