I do believe economic collapse is imminent.  Or at least very, very difficult times.  We put our hope in trust in Jesus, and we prepare the best we know how (which isn’t saying much as I’ve never been a “prepper”).

As I was thinking on potential mass food shortages, it made me think of how many miracles God did with food:

  • Manna in the desert (Exodus 16).
  • Drinking water for Moses and all (Exodus 17).
  • Elijah was fed bread and meat by the ravens  (1 Kings 17).
  • Elijah and the water, flour and oil that didn’t stop producing (1 Kings 17).
  • Elisha threw salt into a poisonous spring and it became fresh water safe  (2 Kings 2).
  • Elisha with the widow and the flour and oil that wouldn’t stop (2 Kings 4).
  • Multiplication of the loaves and fishes (Matthew 14,15,16; Luke 9; Mark 6; John 6).
  • Turning water into wine (John 2).
  • Peter and the miraculous catch of fish (Luke 5)
  • Catching fish with Jesus after he had risen (John 21)

We need to encourage ourselves in the Lord that he is the God of caring for our physical needs.  And when there wasn’t enough, he on occasion performed miracles.

But also it’s going to be the Time of the Shoes.  When Israel left captivity, they just abruptly left.  They didn’t “prep.”  They just went.

And God did a miracle.

Their clothes didn’t wear out, nor did their shoes.

It didn’t matter if their shoes were new shoes or old.  They just didn’t wear out.  I’m sure they thought it was because they were in the desert and were somehow preserved.

Yet it was the LORD:

Yet the LORD says, “During the forty years that I led you through the wilderness, your clothes did not wear out, nor did the sandals on your feet. Deut 29:5

I think we are coming into a time when we will not have “enough.”  Our food supplies will not be enough.  Our clothing and goods will not be enough.  We will just not have enough.

We like the Israelites can panic and complain to God.  “Are you just going to let us die?”

Or we can turn to him in faith.

The time to start strengthening our faith for that moment is now.