Not all things are possible with God.  Yes, I know, we often sing the song “nothing is impossible for Thee….”  It is a good song and in reality the spirit of it is quite true.  There is nothing so overwhelming in our lives that God cannot remedy the situation and/or redeem it.  Absolutely nothing.  But there are things that are impossible for God.  Paradoxical?  Not really.  Before you throw this notion under the bus, be like the Bereans who did not take what their friends or even latest cultural belief said as true but tested everything by the Word of God.
            If you look in Hebrews 6:18 it is right there, be it in the KJV or the NIV.  It says this:  “it is impossible for God to lie.”   There it is—the word “impossible.”  God cannot lie.  It is impossible for him to do so.  It goes against His very character and that is something that is, well, impossible.
This opens up the whole nature and character of God because God is good.  Not only is He good but he does not know how to be anything but good.  His every decision is good and ultimately for good.  This is not something we can always see, but it is something we can always trust.  Always.  His impossibility becomes our place of greatest security.  What a relief.  And what a comfort.